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idev-Classifieds Start Guide

Instructions to Get Started with idev-Classifieds

Helpful Hints: 

  • It is always best to set up your new web app in the order shown in the steps below. 
  • With all iDevSpot web apps, you will find 'scroll-over' question marks in the admin panel which provide more detail about set up and use. 
  • Try out the Live Demos for this script, which will give you examples of how everything is set up.
  • Please refer your questions to the iDevspot support staff which will be answered in 1-3 business days.

STEP 1: Login to the idev-Classifieds admin panel Use the username and password you created during installation

STEP 2: Decide how to set up your Classifieds listing packages We suggest creating a basic free package to encourage people to list on your directory, and the then also some upgraded subscription packages.

Option 1. No Free Listings(Paid listings only)

  • Just as it says. You will not offer any free listings (paid listings only).
  • You can still offer a free trial period, but these will have to be built into the paid packages when you are setting them up in your admin panel.
  • This option will force users to pay for their listing immediately and will show an ‘Activate Now’ button in their user account, which will redirect them to ‘Package Page’..showing them the package options, and then on to PayPal.

How to do this: 1. In 'Add Packages' create your Package types. You can create as many as you like, and they can offer free trial periods as well. 2. In the admin panel ‘General Settings’ set:

  • Default New Listing Status to: Active on Payment
  • Default Listing Package to: None (No Free Listings)

Option 2: Free and Paid Listings:

  • Here you offer both ‘free listings’ with the option to ‘Upgrade’ to paid listings. (Note: You can also offer ONLY free listings if you would like).
  • Your ‘Free Listing’ will always be set as the default package for new users, and they will be given the option to 'Upgrade Now'.

How to do this: 1. Create your packages. Be sure that one of them is a ‘Basic Free Listing’. This will be the default that everyone gets and is completely free with no end period. New users will be assigned this basic free package with the option to ‘upgrade’. 2. In ‘General Settings’, set:

  • Default New Listing Status to: Pending or Active (this is your choice if you want to approve the listings before they are active) Note: *The ‘Active on Payment is not an option here
  • Default Listing Package to: the Free Listing you created.

Note: If you choose option 2:..instead of seeing the the ‘Activate’ button, your users will see the ‘Upgrade’ button beside their listing.

STEP 3: Configure your Classifieds site Under Configuration/ General Settings you will find 'help question marks' to help you fill in the following settings:

  • General Settings
  • Directory Configuration
  • Listing Options
  • E-commerce Settings
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Helpful tips:
    • Getting a Google Map: you must follow the link in your admin panel and sign up with a google GMAIL account to get your API link.
    • Default New Listing Package: see instructions in Step 2, to help you decide.
    • Default New Listing Status: see instructions in Step 2, to help you decide.
    • Stylesheet: Business Directory 3.0 comes with an option of 2 stylesheets which can easily be chosen using the pulldown menu. Since this program is open-source, you can also make any style changes you need directly to the file stylesheet.css, or create your own stylesheet which an be uploaded and chosen here.

STEP 4: Import & Create Locations for your Classifieds site Under Configuration/ Locations Editor you can create and import locations for your c.

  • Using the drop-down menu, choose 'Country'.
  • Press Submit.
  • Click on 'Import Country List' if you would like to use our pre-created list of locations.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: 'Clicking on Import List' of any type will OVERWRITE any locations you added manually, so please import locations first so you do not lose your work.
  • Feel free to add your own countries and delete the ones you do not want.
  • Repeat the steps for 'State and Province'
  • A note on cities: There is no 'Import List' for cities. If you want to include a lot of cities, you do not need to fill out every possible city for your directory location. A blank field will be used instead of a pulldown list if you leave the city locations empty here.

STEP 5: Create Categories for your Classifieds site: Under Configuration/ Category Editor you can create the categories you need to organize your web directory.

  • Create the categories that you need in your business directory
  • If you would like to add an icon for each category, use your File Transfer Protocol to upload your images into the folder called category_icon.
  • Note: You can create an unlimited list of categories and sub-categories

Other Features Listings

  • Add & Manage Listings: You can add your own listings or manage the listings added by your users after they register.
  • Important note: that if you are adding your own listings, under ‘Listing Configuration’, for the listing to appear in the directory be sure to set it to active and assign a package type or it will not appear in the directory.


  • Add Users: Add a new customer and all of their important details.
  • Manage Users: Here you can edit user details or delete user accounts.


  • Check out the sales history from your package subscriptions.

Quick Jump:

  • Allows you to jump to your directory from the admin panel.

Please contact us if you have any more questions regarding your script.

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