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How to Install an idevSpot Script

  1. Start by extracting the product zip file which you downloaded from our website. Inside you will find a "scriptfolder" main directory, which contains sub-directories and files.

  2. Unzip your script folder to a new folder on your hard drive.

  3. If you would like to rename your script, do it now, before your upload it to your website.

  4. Open your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program and log in with your domain name, FTP username and FTP password. This is the program you will use to upload your new script.

  5. Upload the "scriptfolder" to your website. It can go anywhere that you want, within your public_html or wwwroot equivalent directory.

    Can I make the script as my homepage? For certain scripts (ie. directory scripts, e-commerce storefronts etc., some users may want to use their website home page.Yes! Most iDevSpot scripts come with an index.php file, which you can make into your homepage by opening your script folder on the local side and then transferring the entire script folder contents into public_html or wwwrootequivalent directory.

    Can I make the script a new page on my website? Yes. You can make your iDevSpot script into a new page on your website by transferring the script folder itself into public_html or wwwrootequivalent directory.

  6. Now, you need to CHMOD certain files. The following files/directories need to be made writable. (CHMOD to 777 - read, write, execute permissions for owner, user and group).


  7. Create a MySQL database on your web server. Q. How do I create a MySQL database? A. This will vary from server to server, your hosting control panel should have a MySQL databases area, where you will be able to create a database, database user, and database password. Search your web hosting control panel for help if you are not sure how to create a MySQL database.

  8. Run the installation. Open a new web browser and copy and paste the link below into your web browser (making sure to fill in the correct information specific to your website for 'YOURDOMAIN' and 'SCRIPTFOLDER'):

  9. Important! Delete from your website the following folder and all of it's contents


  10. Installation Completed

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